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$65.00 / week


Sam4x Trade Copier

Seize the opportunity to grow your capital in the most liquid market in the world by copying My trades. Just a few clicks and your account is ready!

All you have to do is make sure you fund your preferred broker account like KOT4X, Hugo’sway, Hankotrade etc. make sure your broker provide US30, NAS100. Provide Me your login Information To connect your account with My server.
Sit Back and enjoy your profits!

Attention I don’t like to use SL or TP. I only trade indices mostly US30. I only follow my strategy and I don’t monitor your account. All I do is add you on my server when I’m placing a trade and it would automatically place the same trade on yours. I eat you eat, I lose you lose! Please remember when there’s a bad trading day, keep in mind that we’re all having a bad trading day including ME! I like to trade NY session around 9:30am est and my preferred broker is KOT4X. Please have at least $1000 or more in your account, The Server will have a different lot size for each account depending on the amount of the account . If you’re okay with taking risk let’s get it.